Mike spends 50% of his time studying and 20% of the rest of his time going to the Jym. Jim spends 60% of his time in the Jym and 85% of the rest of his time studying. How many hours more does Mike spend on studying than Jim? (1) Jim spends 22 hours a week on working out. (2) Mike spends 18 hours a week on studying for the finals.
A certain basketball player receives a $700 bonus for every dunk that he performs and a $1,000 bonus for every game that the team wins. Last month, the player earned $9,100 on bonuses only, how many dunks did he preform last month? (1) Last month the player preformed at least 3 dunks. (2) The number of dunks, last month, was two and a half times smaller than the number of wins.
Bob earns twice as much as Bobby and Bobby earns two thirds as much as Buddy does. How much did Bob earn? (1) All three earn a total of 18,000 dollars. (2) Buddy earns $6,000.