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Recruit From India

We are one of the largest IT developer communities based out of India with more than 3 million + registered members. 1000+ companies actively recruit from our portal and have seen a drastic improvement in speed and quality of hire especially when it comes to hiring IT professionals.


With the changing world around us, the hyperactive market, and candidates, our approach to screening candidates, and creating a talent pool must adapt to its pace. Source perfect potential candidates for your clients with hackathons, Skill Assessments. Along with avenues to interview them with efficiency and comfort. With a cutting-edge technology platform with basic ATS features, we support Hackathons, Skill, and Psychometric Assessments for specific job roles. Besides technical efficiencies, our platform has a proprietary communication channel, inbuilt analytics, and reports at individual and group levels. These insights enable you to find the most suitable candidates for you. Mytat is a complete secure robust assessment platform with Skill Based assessment(Covering 2000+ Skills from 20+ industry sectors and 200+job roles)
A huge library of 300,000+ questions divided into different levels of mastery. Inbuild coding, Video, and Audio Editor for screening all pragmatic skills. We are a fully Proctored Assessment platform with image recognition and detection.

Application Tracking System

Bring structure to your hiring process with a fully integrated recruitment platform that’s designed to help you source and manage your next hire. With Mytat ATS recruiting candidates has become way too easy. Whether you are a corporate HR manager or an agency engaged in recruitment, our real-time online Application Tracking System is all that you need as finding the right talent in a large database is the most common challenge you face. With our fully customizable pipeline you can easily drag and drop candidates to any stage you want and not only this you can also add any assessment and web interview during any stage of hiring without any need for a third-party app.