About us

We are leading name in the sphere of skill based hiring and pre-employment testing solutions. Mytat has a database of tests that spans a vast spectrum of conventional and emerging domains of learning and work. We also conduct hackethon and coding challenges from time to time
Mytat's Certifications are popular among private individuals and corporate entities. More than 1 million candidates have already registered with mytat across the world and many have obtained Mytat's certifications to boost their career prospects
Job Candidate Fitment Problem 
In the era of competition, Organizations and Job Seekers confront a typical issue: A large number of applicants apply for each employment opportunity which can make an overwhelming obstacle.
How organizations rapidly recognize capable Candidates? 
Physically experiencing a huge number of resumes or leading meetings requires a ton of time and exertion. 
How can good candidates outshine others?
Just writing a good resume would not take you anywhere. Organizations these days do not hire candidates just based on the resume 
  • Mytat permits both organizations and candidates to take care of this issue in a fast and productive way.
  • By having a Standardized test containing Verbal, Quantitative, Logical and Domain specific sections, companies can compare (Among lakhs of candidates) and shortlist the best
  • By performing well in the Mytat, a candidate can outshine competition. Mytat is inherently fair as every test taker is assessed on the same parameters


Why Take Mytat Test
  1. Show your skills to world
  2. Get a better understanding about the job-fitment. 
  3. Get a Detailed feedback report on things you lag
  4. Companies big or small can contact you on the basis of score
  5. Mytat additionally evaluates candidates on domain skills,thus becoming an ideal test to match candidates with jobs
  6. Post the test, Mytat also helps match candidates with suitable jobs based on their performance on the test.
  7. Mytat's candidate report helps candidates identify their strong and weak areas.