Bart is working as a paper delivery boy in Springfield. He delivers 620 newspapers every day except on Saturdays and Sundays. If Bart earns 4.2 cents for every second newspaper he delivers, how much money can he earn in a month with 28 days?
A young and energetic cobbler fixes 3650 pairs of shoes every year, while an old yet experienced cobbler fixes 20% less than the young cobbler. In a shoe factory there are two old and one young cobblers working together. How many shoes can the factory fix every day assuming that there are 365 days a year?
A carpenter makes 3 bunk beds every day. A military school needs to organize a place to sleep for 143 soldiers. If there are 5 carpenters working on the job, how many whole days in advance should they receive the order and start working in order to finish the right number of beds assuming that each bunk- bed is used by two soldiers?
X and Y are two sides of a triangle, is the area of the triangle an integer? (1) X is a prime number. (2) Y is an odd integer.
Fuel tanker A can fill the underground reservoir in 12 minutes. How long will it take fuel tanker A and fuel tanker B to fill up the same reservoir together? (1) The reservoir contains 3000 liters of fuel. (2) Fuel tanker B alone will require the same number of hours to fill the same reservoir.
Is the square root of A an integer? (1) The last digit of A is 8. (2) A is divisible by 6.
If Q and T are integers, what is the value of Q? (1) Q = 2T/7. (2) T+7/2 =7(Q+2)/4
X, Y>0, If X3 = Y, is Y a fraction? (1) X2 is a fraction. (2) X > Y.
A spaceship in orbit rotates around the planet Pluto. How many full rotations can the spaceship complete in 20 hours. (1) The radius of the rotation is 21,000 miles. (2) The spaceship travels at 35 miles per second.
Is X > Y? (1) 12X = 4C. (2) C = 3Y4.