A and B are numbers between 1 and 9. What is ABAB/AB? (AB is a two-digit number and ABAB is a 4-digit number).
V, W, X, Y and Z are numbers between 0 and 9. If XYZ / 15 = WV and V-W=X (WV is a 2 digit number, XYZ is a 3 digit number), which of the following numbers can represent XYZ?
What is the sum of squares of the first two positive odd integers if the sum of squares of the first two positive even integers is X?
There are 7 players in a bowling team with an average weight of 85 Kg. If two new players join the team, one weighs 110 Kg and the second weighs 60 Kg, what will be the new average weight?
The number of hats that Sarah owns is 5 times bigger than the number Nicky owns. If Sarah gives 6 hats to Nicky, they will have the same number of hats. How many hats does Sharon own now?
Jason washes 3 plates after each and every diner. After how many dinners will Jason wash the 26th plate?
Arnold and Danny are two twin brothers that are celebrating their birthday. The product of their ages today is smaller by 9 from the product of their ages a year from today. What is their age today?
Brian got in his latest test a grade 3 times higher that he anticipated. In spite of that, he decided to appeal. After the appeal he got 30 points lower than the original grade but still the grade was 30 points higher than his anticipation. What was the grade Brian anticipated?
Steve's monthly income is bigger by $4,000 than John's salary. If they both earned (together) $144,000 in one year, what is John's monthly income?
The value of a stock is X dollars. On Sunday the stock's value grew by half of its value, but on Monday its value dropped to a third of its new value. What is the stock's value at the end of Monday?