What is the least integer that is a sum of four different primes each greater than 20?
One quarter of the workers at the factory is clerical, one fifth is technical, half are administrative and the other 25 are managerial. How many workers total are there in the factory?
The price of a product is $a. Bill bought s products and then sold 80 percents of them $b. which of the following represents the whole deal if Bill's profit was three times the cost?
A grocer bought 24Kg of coffee beans at price X. After a while one third of the stock got spoiled so he sold the rest for 200$ per Kilo and made a total profit of twice the cost. What must be price X?
Kenny is three times older than Bob. In P years he will be twice older than Bob will be Q years later. Which of the following represents Kenny's age comparing to Bob's? (If X = Kenny's age)
A Cuban cigar would cost 1 dollar less than 1.5 times a French cigar, had the French cigar cost 0.7 dollar less than it does now. An Arabian cigar costs 50 cents more than 1.5 times the Cuban cigar. The three cigars together cost 74.7 dollars. What is the price of the French cigar?
Ashley paid 5 dollars for 1 notebook and 1 pencil. If both prices were integers, how many pencils did Ashley buy if she paid 93 dollars for the pencils and for 15 notebooks?
The sum of the ages of 22 boys and 24 girls is 160.What is the sum of ages of one boy plus one girl, if all the boys are of the same age and all the girls are of the same age, and only full years are counted?
X percents of the rooms are suits, and Y Percents of the rooms are painted light blue? Which of the following best represents the least Percentage of the light blue painted suits?
David bought 13 BMW cars for a total price of 1,105,000 dollars. If he wants to make a profit of 39,000 dollars in the deal, at what price should he sell one car?