Assessment platform web based and app based features.

Skill Assessment platform has been developed as an online/offline Skill Assessment Platform with a thought to assess students who are enrolled under any of the Sector Skill Council. Mytat platform is feature enriched and works on web, mobile as well as in app based assessment and has been integrated on the basis of proper NSQF guidelines and QP criteria.

Mytat Assessment platform is having user-friendly interface,and very convenient Assessment Platform for Skilling.Mytat platform is having the quality of providing best anti-cheating/live proctoring features along with the capacity to generate automated question paper for each batch from the question bank.

The features which make the portal unique and advance

  • Customized: as per client’s requirement
  • Full Secure enabled system
  • White labeling: - Never miss an opportunity to brand your organization. Our intuitive white- labeling feature lets you customize your testing interface to reflect your brand. Upload your logo, customize the interface background, and edit the color scheme to your specifications. We give you everything you need to make it yours.
  • Auto generated student code and unique password
  • Auto generated unique test validate code
  • Auto synch of data on server for mode of application such as offline & online
  • Quick mark sheet generation according to NOS wise
  • Multi types of questions level (hard, medium, easy.)
  • Secure API Support
  • Offline mode run without internet

Some Unique Features

  • Assessment tracking through Live Geo tagging, date and time stamping
  • Aadhar Photo comparison
  • Data Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Live Proctoring for anti cheat detection
  • Create unlimited sectors
  • Create unlimited schemes
  • Readymade Question Sets of Job roles
  • Automated creation of Test- NOS & PC wise
  • Real time video and photo tracking of students
  • Viva exam offline (Android Application)
  • Theory exam offline (Android Application)
  • Viva exam online
  • Theory exam online
  • Offline application easily supported in any android device
  • Auto sync in server (Online Exam/ offline exam)
  • Graphical view of performance analysis
  • With enabled security system
  • Unique password and login id for each student
  • Student detail with profile photo
  • Conduct multiple test with unique test code
  • Conduct multiple viva with unique assessor id
  • Support multilingual language
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Bulk Uploading of Question bank
  • 100% security of data

Result & Reporting

  • Result Analysis Report about candidate overall performance
  • Candidate Result sheet in Excel or PDF format.
  • Detailed Assessor report
  • Question bank report
  • Student feedback report
  • Candidate log report
  • Live feed


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