For an International School K12 Case study Video


Launched in 2016, this school drove its purpose around revolutionizing the education ecosystem in India. In fact, this school has seen exponential growth in terms of students and recognition in such a short span.


  • A tech savvy audience.
  • Constantly evolving demands of education industry.
  • Legacy processes for teaching
  • High cost & time involved in traditional teaching system
  • Geographical limitations
  • Enhance visibility and tap on student potential across India


  • Technology platform to manage high levels of concurrency
  • Change management ( students & teachers)in terms of acceptance of new procedure.
  • Efficient & Effective Proctoring.
  • Simple enough to be managed by the school.


Mytatprovided a platform that included :-
    Mytat’s Assessment Platform altered their traditional approach of white-board, pen & paper assessments. This led to.
    1. Reduced Operational Costs
    2. Reduced Turnaround Time
    3. Authenticity & Scalability
    An array of simulators made for almost every class from 1 to 12 there is, aided in the creation of a realistic experience for teachers & students. This ensured an accurate assessment of practical knowledge as well, enabling insight learnings of students.
    Customized & Automated Analytical reports provided actionable insights into each student’s performance based on:
    1. Time Taken
    2. Sections
    3. Level of Question Difficulty
    4. Relative Measures within students

How Did we Do it

People | Process | Tools | Experience

Cloud Based SAAS Application

Customisable & Simple User Experience

High Level Data Encryption

Detailed Analytics

Multi Tiered Remote Proctoring

Compatibility & Device Agnostic

Remote Assessments

Real time Video Assessments & Interview