Data Security

Mytat is hosted on Linode and we along with lined adhere to some of the world’s stringent privacy standard.

Mytat is protected by advanced DDoS mitigation, helping to fend off attacks on our infrastructure

DDoS Protection

Real Time Server Protection

We Detect , analyse and block attacks on your servers in real time . All attacks are blocked inline

Intelligent Threat Blocking

Our Hosting Partner creates Rules that are automatically created using machine learning from traffic across the global network to intelligently reroute malicious traffic during a DDoS even

No Increased Latency

Keep good traffic and block the bad, with no increased latency and no routing of traffic to a third party.

Intercept a Range of Attack Methods

We protect our server applications from a range of DDOS attack methodologies including UDP, SYN, HTTP floods, and more..

All data that is collected is protected from unauthorised access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle, additionally, data transmissions are protected by HTTPS with TLS 1.2. All data at rest (including backup data) is encrypted through 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available

We Protect our data with redundant cloud backup

We keep our data safe with Linode Backup Service. Databackups are done automatically so that assessment data of the candidates are always safe

Its is quite pertinent for companies using our assessments to collect, store and share personal data of their candidates. We gather information only after taking candidates consent and is secured with industry standard encryption and practices. We aim to ensure that private individuals’ data is processed transparently and only for the specific purposes for which data is collected.