Online Assessment

Use Mytat’s online coding test platform to assess programmers

Coding Assessments

Don’t just check theoretical knowledge of candidates. Analyze how well do your candidates perform when exposed to real-time challenges. Our Coding Simulators enable you to simulate a real-time scenario to effectively assess candidates on various parameters such as analytical thinking, and logical approach to coding problems in addition to their base coding knowledge.

1000+ Assessments based on Different Levels of Mastery

Tech & Functional Assessments

Evaluate Candidates on Skills they actually work on. Use questions from Pre Built library of 1000+ Assessment based on different level of Mastery or Create your Own Questions

Evaluate Candidates IQ

Cognitive Assessments

Video interview socware is an effective tool for helping you identify the best candidates for the position earlier in the hiring process. This ensures you're only investing time and effort into candidates you're confident you want to meet in-person. Get to know your candidates on a more personal level and reap the benefits of high-quality in-person interviews.

Identify Key Personality Traits

Personality Assessment

Mytat’s Personality Inventory has been designed to measure critical work related personality traits, the person’s strengths and growth opportunities, gazing how his or her behaviour influences himself or herself and others, and having a better understanding of others

Hire Candidates Whose Values , Belief and Personality Matches

Cultural Fit Assessments

Mytat’s cultural fit assessment is a concise validated questionnaire that assesses a candidate’s culture preference across key dimensions of organisational culture. The Cultural fit assessment compares a candidate’s personal values and preference for organisational culture with the actual culture at your organization or culture you are aiming to have. It also provides you with insights into your current culture and gives you the ability to shape your culture for the future.

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